Yep, Leap 3.1 – Dropbox, iCloud integration

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Today we released Yep and Leap 3.1.0. Note that if you have purchased from the Mac App Store, 3.1 will take a week or two to show up in your automatic update.

Dropbox support:


Yep – simply click on the Dropbox bookmark (which only shows if you use dropbox) to show all documents that you are tracking in your dropbox folder.

Leap – the dropbox bookmark opens a blank – ready to spotlight search for your dropbox. If you like, you can add a ‘go deep’ bookmark for your dropbox folder, to have Leap show all the files in your dropbox, it depends on how many files are in your dropbox.

Dropbox Tag Backup

Yep and Leap now store a backup of tags and ratings in your Dropbox folder – this file allows Leap and Yep to make sure that tags are applied to all the files in your dropbox – no matter which computer you are using. In addition, it serves as a complete backup of all tags and ratings, so when you switch computers and load files from your old machine onto the new one, the programs will automatically add any tags that may not have survived your transfer.

This backup service also makes tagging on Adobe photoshop and a few other file types work better.

In addition:

  • Combining PDFs now adds all combined tags to the new document.
  • DropZones now better behaved when dragging to them, they only show up when needed, and not on every drag.
  • Yep has the right click menu option to ‘flag’ files.
  • Retina icons for both applications.

 iCloud support

Yep and Leap both have a checkbox in the Preferred Locations Preferences for adding ‘Mobile Documents’ to the list. With this option on, you can see all the documents on iCloud that have ‘ground based’ (OS X) apps installed on your computer.  You can then tag these files with say a client name, etc to allow you to use iCloud, and still be able to find all files in the ‘Johnson’ project or client.

Mac App Store cross license

If you buy a copy of Leap or Yep on the MAS (Mac App Store) and then somehow download a copy of our retail build from our site, everything will still work – the retail build will understand that you have run a MAS store licensed product. This won’t take effect for MAS owners until 3.1.1 is out on the MAS.


3.1.1 of both Yep and Leap went out on Tuesday, Sept 11, adding support for the MAS licensing, and also fixing three small bugs. (Dropbox folders in non standard locations, searching in some circumstances flashed when it did not need to, and the icon was missing from the Leap about box.)



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  1. Colin Harbour

    You’ve just sent me an email offering a Limited Time Special Upgrade Offer to version 3 of Yep. I’m already running version 3.0.4 so is the upgrade to 3.1.1 a free one? If so, how do I download it to upgrade (non-MAS)?

  2. asabnis

    Any upgrades for us long supporters of Yep/Leap from 2.x onwards?

  3. Terrific new features! Really pleased to see DropBox integration and better tag backup and robustness.

    I’m also really happy to see that Leap is still an actively developed application. Keep up the great work.

  4. manu

    I’ve just bought leap via itunes
    I would like to upgrade now instead of waiting one week or so.
    I’ve downloaded the upgrade, but I need to have my serial.

    where do I find it?

    thanks for your help,


    • iradmin


      The serial numbers are only available through ‘our’ store. Starting with Leap 3.1.1 App Store version, once you get the app store version installed, the versions downloaded from our site will detect that you have run an app store version, and will run.

      So the best thing to do is wait for a week or two until Apple approves 3.1.1. Please contact support if you need more help. [email protected]

  5. I Love yep! ….and i hope next time of a app for iPad and iPhone!

    yep! to go

    Frank B

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