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November 9, 2013 | By | 3 Comments

Fresh is a free download from the Apple App Store for a limited time. Please tell your friends too!

Fresh is for people who deal with files all day long. Graphics files especially. When you download a file, Fresh has it – right there for you to drag into a file open dialog – no navigation. You can add files to the cooler area – which is like the dock, but it floats and is always there – even in full screen apps.

Fresh allows you to set Mavericks tags on files, too. You can also search with it. It has a large interface, so its easy to pick documents out visually. The interface disappears as you drag out, so it also does not get in the way.

  • Bring it up with a keystroke -default is ⌘ /
  • Rename files with ⌘ R
  • Look at the preferences for other settings.


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  1. When going to the App Store, Fresh is $8.99 not free!

  2. Carlos Santoyo

    Greetings, If you could disregard the last comment I’ve made. Let me write a new one for your blog! The last one was more a question for support! I’ve been using Fresh for a long time and If anyone is not sure about using Fresh let me just say it’s a really great application to have on your desktop. It’s very unobtrusive since it always slips unto the side out of site. Not only that you have access to all your recent files that your working on with one click, but you can have the files that are important or just working on for awhile in the “fridge” Anyway Iv’e always been part of my workflow and nothing has come close to taken it’s place! Give it whirl and if you know of another Mac user tell them about it the’ll be most appreciative. And the folks at ironic are great and always very helpful. Happy Holidays guys! Thanks Carlos Santoyo

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