• MacHeist Bundle – Get Yep, Data Rescue

    MacHeist Bundle – Get Yep, Data Rescue

    Mac Heist has just announced that Yep is included in their latest bundle. In addition, Spotdox is being given away free by Mac Heist – no purchase required. Just visit Macheist and follow their directions for tweeting about Spotdox and the bundle. Bundles like this provide both sales and marketing exposure for the independent developers out […]

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  • Spotdox is Yep and Leap on the iPhone

    Spotdox is Yep and Leap on the iPhone

    We get requests on a regular basis – when is Yep coming to the iPhone/iPad? The answer to that question is basically ‘no’. Yep and Leap users have lots and lots of data that they are handling – thousands of PDFs, or video and media librarie s that cover many GB (or  TB!) of data. […]

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  • BBC Article on Tagging

    BBC Article on Tagging

    Ian Hardy of the BBC: “It’s a little-known fact that in the computer world, the word “Tags” stands for Totally Awesome Gathering System. Actually, it’s a little-known fact because I just made it up after spending a few weeks delving into the mini industry of desktop productivity, particularly the organisation of documents, spreadsheets, emails, images […]

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  • Mavericks optimized Leap, Yep, Deep and Fresh

    Mavericks optimized Leap, Yep, Deep and Fresh

    These products are shipping! Mavericks includes tags in the Finder, and our products both leverage this new capability and also convert all your current tags in our 10.8 products to Apples tags. Note that the systems are basically identical, but Apple used their own internal name to describe the tags.  Leap 3.5.1, Yep 3.5.1, Deep […]

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  • OS X Mavericks includes Tagging!

    OS X Mavericks includes Tagging!

    If you want to start making use of the tagging features in OS X 10.9 Mavericks, you can just download or buy Leap, Yep, Fresh or Deep right now and get going! Ironic Software, along with the rest of the tagging crowd is pleased to note the addition of Tags to OS X 10.9. What will Ironic do about it? 1) Make […]

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  • Email Archiver Video

    Just wanted to let you know that we have a new video explaining how Email Archiver works, courtesy of the good people at MacUpdate. “Email Archiver is simply perfect and is the only “Apple Mail companion app” that does what we expect from it: Archive tons of mails, fast and easy, in universal PDF format, […]

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  • Deep 1.4.4

    Deep 1.4.4

    Deep 1.4.4 is out: Major bug fixed: Clicking on a colour now provides much much better results. Looks like this has been a problem for a while. ‘Export button’ – press this button and you can copy any number (up to about 400 images) from the search results to any (likely newly created) folder on […]

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  • Leap screencast, Leap 3.1.3, Yep 3.1.3, Fresh 2.0.8

    Leap screencast, Leap 3.1.3, Yep 3.1.3, Fresh 2.0.8

    There was a nice screencast done about Leap at Screencastsonline.com. It is well produced, etc. Note that screencastsonline are not free, they publish an iPad magazine on Newsstand. UPDATE: Leap 3.1.3 and Yep 3.1.3 now have a nice new feature. When you select a file or multiple files, you can choose to ‘Email or Export’ […]

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  • Introducing Email Archiver

    Introducing Email Archiver

    Create PDFs from your email. Ironic today announces that it is selling and supporting Email Archiver, an OS X application that creates a PDF for each email that you have in your Mail.app installation. Your email is valuable. The format that it is stored in with Apple Mail is neither future-proof nor accessible. Use Email […]

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  • Yep


    “Love your product!” –Brian For Documents. Photos have iPhoto. Music has iTunes. But when it comes to PDFs and other office documents, you’re on your own. That is, until now. Now there is Yep and there’s no looking back. Start Yep for the first time and it automatically shows you all your PDFs, iWork and […]

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  • Leap


    “It is just amazing, how seamlessly Leap is integrating with Mavericks. The one thing, which Leap could not handle so far – tagging during the file saving process is now handled by Mavericks. And Leap now is even a more powerful tool for search, retrieval and major tagging jobs. Great job!” A more natural way. […]

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  • Fresh


    Fresh was born on that sinking feeling we have whenever we head into the Finder to ‘Find’ that file that we are working on, just downloaded, or like to keep handy. Fresh is designed to hide itself when you are not using it – keeping your onscreen clutter of windows more managable. Note that although […]

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  • Deep


    Image search. “It is incredible that no one else has thought of this. If I could have only one tool for finding images, this would be it.” Pick a color, any color. Deep calculates the range of colors used in each of your images by analyzing the pixels and calculating the most popular colors. This […]

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Download with a single click.

Leap Yep Fresh  Deep

Mavericks, tags and more.

All of Ironic’s applications set tags using industry standard tagging conventions. We are pleased to announce that Apple has finally ‘caught the tagging fever’. On 10.9 all ironic product use these new tags, while still setting tags that can be seen by anyone using 10.7 or later.

Our products are definitely not all about tagging, though. Take Leap for instance. With it you can show all the images on your hard drive in seconds, and use its folder list and searching to find that photoshop or png that went missing last week.  We don’t know how people who work on their Mac all day can do without Fresh – which is a search tool and ‘file dock’ that makes sense.

Professional workflow

Ironic’s applications support your creative workflow. Yep shows you all your office related documents, Fresh allows you to use your most important and recent documents when you need them – without switching to the Finder. Leap is a ninja quality explorer useful for adept professionals of all types, from creative to developers. Deep allows you to search through all the images on your computer for ones that ‘match’ any other photo – great for finding images that work well together.

Apple’s App Store and Ironic’s Store

Ironic supports two ways to buy its products. You can buy through the Mac App Store, or through one of our own stores, run by FastSpring and Kagi. The downloadable copies of our programs can be licensed by purchasing a license from the Ironic Store. This licence is more suited for some business applications, as it does not require a Mac App Store account.

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